• Blowsion Recessed Dash Mount. Fed up of breaking expensive Bilge Switches and Primer Bulbs? The Blowsion Team has a solution. The Recessed Dash Mount is perfect for mounting your switches and primers. The Mount enables the switch/primer to sit flush eliminating the risk of being knocked off. On top of that each mount comes with a Brushed Aluminum Anodized...

    41,67 €
    In Stock
  • Watt Hole was desgined to help keep your rotary switch out of harms way to prevent breakage or injury . Simply drill hole and install enire unit and wire in switch or use existing rotary switch Also works with primer bulbs as well

    36,25 €
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  • FULL 304 MARINE GRADE STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION. UNIQUE LOCKING FEATURE Means that they securely lock into both the Superflip and Stored positionsDUAL CLAMPING SYSTEMEnsures the Superflip bars do not accidentally rotate under load MADE IN USA

    415,83 €
    In Stock
  • Tired of damaging your Hydro Turfed tray and paintwork with abrasive ratchet strap webbing?Professionally made from extruded plastic, 10mm EVA foam padding and finished with diamond cut Hydro Turf to make sure no damage to the hull can occur. Each tie down pad has a heavy duty rubber strap which the ratchet webbing runs through.Very quick and easy to...

    29,17 €
    In Stock

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